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CEI News

Kevin Klustner, Executive Director of the Center for Advanced Materials and Clean Energy Technologies (CAMCET).

Former cleantech executive leads development of University of Washington energy research and technology center

UW and CEI named Kevin Klustner executive director of the Center for Advanced Materials and Clean Energy Technologies (CAMCET). When complete, CAMCET will be a 340,000 square-foot building that will bring together UW scientists and engineers with industry, civic and nonprofit partners to accelerate clean energy solutions for a healthy planet. ...

Revolutionary printer for sustainable electronics comes to Washington Clean Energy Testbeds

JCDREAM has awarded $631K to Professor J. Devin MacKenzie and the Washington Clean Energy Testbeds to purchase and install an ultra-high-resolution electronics printer developed in Japan. MacKenzie's group will use the printer to develop sustainable transparent conductive electrodes for flexible thin-film solar cells, displays and touch screens. ...