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Energy Systems

Research Overview

As solar and wind energy, energy storage, and other clean energy technologies increase in usage, we must adapt our power grids and other energy systems to match. A renewables-based power grid must be “smart,” with the ability to automatically and rapidly adapt to the fluctuations in generation while still meeting user demands—ideally without firing up dirty fossil generators. CEI researchers study how information technology and advanced analytics can be used to plan, forecast and control grid assets, and design new power electronics hardware to maintain grid stability and reduce the cost of integrating renewable resources with the grid. Our researchers are also studying the evolution of electric vehicle technology and optimizing the distribution of charging stations around the country.

Featured Researchers

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Daniel Kirschen

Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering

, Energy Systems

June Lukuyu

Assistant Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering

, Energy Systems

Don MacKenzie

Associate Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering

, Energy Systems

Baosen Zhang

Associate Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering

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