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Campus Research Facilities

Research Training Testbed

The Research Training Testbed (RTT) is an interdisciplinary energy lab that provides UW students access to research-quality instruments.

High-Performance Computing

Thirteen CPU nodes on the UW supercomputer Hyak/Mox are available for UW students and faculty working on clean energy research projects. To access this resource, email a short description of your project to Professor Xiaosong Li.

Photonics Research Center

The Photonics Research Center houses state-of-the-art equipment for fabrication, materials characterization, and testing of devices such as thin-film transistors, energy efficient light-emitting diodes, and solar cells.

Molecular Analysis Facility

The Molecular Analysis Facility (MAF) is a fully-staffed instrumentation facility for users from the UW, other universities, and industry. MAF’s low-vibration instrumentation laboratory and wet lab for sample preparation are ideal for microscopy, spectroscopy, and surface science.

Washington Nanofabrication Facility

The Washington Nanofabrication Facility (WNF) is the largest publicly accessible micro and nanotechnology fabrication facility in the region, with 15,000 square feet of laboratory, clean room, and user spaces for basic and applied research, advanced research and development, and prototype production.