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Community Engagement


To promote the equitable adoption of clean energy technologies in Washington, CEI provides communities with technical assistance for clean energy projects, partnerships with scholars to co-design and perform research, and clean energy education and training modules for K-12 and two-year college students.

CEI provides these services pro bono in order to support community decision-making and participation in federal and state programs for decarbonization and resiliency. Communities can tap into the expertise of CEI scientists, engineers, and technical staff to co-design practical solutions to climate challenges. CEI students, staff, and faculty work with diverse groups of community members, leaders, educators, and young people to build grassroot capacities to chart their own clean energy future.

If your community is thinking about pursuing clean energy grant funding, lowering the financial burden of energy bills, exposing young people to clean energy careers, or planning an event around clean energy, we may have a program that supports your goals. Learn more at the links below, or contact

, Community Engagement
Partner with CEI faculty, trainees, and staff to co-design microgrids and other energy systems, or research related to clean energy and its equitable deployment.
, Community Engagement
Explore clean energy lesson plans for K-12 schools and two-year colleges, schedule a classroom visit by a Clean Energy Ambassador, or sign up to receive SunDawg solar car kits in the mail!
, Community Engagement
Planning an event around clean energy? Get in touch and let us know how we can support you.