The CEI is a hub for UW outreach activity in schools and community events. Our Clean Energy Ambassadors are prepared to introduce solar, battery and Smartgrid technology through hands-on demonstrations, displays, and presentations at your school. Read more

Videos, Demos, and Guides

Explore a variety of educational products prepared by Clean Energy Institute Graduate Fellows. Read more

Lesson Plans

CEI is developing detailed lesson plans for teaching Next Generation Science Standard aligned content at the middle school and high school level. Activities range from quick demos, to multi-day investigations, and supporting teaching units. Read more

Solar Projects

Various solar demonstration projects are being built on the UW campus. One solar monitoring project provides continuous research quality data on solar radiation so that experimental systems can be compared. Read more

Science of Solar Wiki

A comprehensive, college level Clean Energy Wiki presents the fundamental science, research methods, and late breaking findings of CEI researchers. This helps our research team learn to talk across departmental boundaries and forge innovative collaborations. Read more

Clean Energy Ambassadors

CEI supports a student organization Collaboration in Technology of Energy that draws together students from electrical and mechanical engineering, chemistry, chemical engineering and physics who serve as Clean Energy Ambassadors . Read more