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Special Events


Tuesday, April 30 at 3pm
Washington Clean Energy Testbeds
4625 Union Bay Place NE, Seattle

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Join the Washington Clean Energy Testbeds for a social and informational event on companies that are developing and deploying innovative battery technologies here in Washington.  Energy storage is one of the key challenges facing the establishment of a clean energy future.  There is a wide array of chemistries, materials, and safety concerns for batteries that are being addressed for applications ranging from personal electronics, to vehicles, to grid-scale storage. Please join us on April 30 to hear from companies that are solving key issues facing battery development.


Confirmed speakers:

Nick Anderson – Director of Research & Development, Cool Amps Energy

Mike Gerty – Director of Powertrain Planning, PACCAR Inc. Solutions

Rick Luebbe – CEO & Founder, Group14 Technologies

Ellen Murphy – Manager of Materials Technology & Principal Research Scientist, Ecellix Inc.

Jeff Canin – Board Member, E8 Angels

Volha Hrechka – Startup Founder and Advocate

Dhileep Sivam – Testbeds Entrepreneur-in-Residence

More speakers and the full agenda will be announced soon.


If you have any questions, please contact Mike Pomfret (