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Meet Our Researchers

Chun-Long Chen

Affiliate Associate Professor
Chemical Engineering

UW-PNNL Faculty Fellow

Jiun-Haw Chu

Washington Research Foundation Innovation Assistant Professor of Clean Energy and Physics

Corie Cobb

Washington Research Foundation Innovation Professor of Clean Energy & Mechanical Engineering

James DeYoreo

NW IMPACT Co-Director

Affiliate Professor
Chemistry, Materials Science & Engineering

David Ginger

CEI Chief Scientist

NW IMPACT Co-Director


Jun Liu

Washington Research Foundation Innovation Chair in Clean Energy

Chemical Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering

J. Devin MacKenzie

Washington Clean Energy Testbeds Technical Director

Washington Research Foundation Professor of Clean Energy
Associate Professor of Materials Science & Engineering and Mechanical Engineering

Sajjad Moazeni

Assistant Professor
Electrical & Computer Engineering

Cody Schlenker

Washington Research Foundation Innovation Associate Professor of Clean Energy and Chemistry

Di Xiao

Department Chair
Materials Science & Engineering


Jihui Yang

Materials Science & Engineering
Vice Dean
College of Engineering

Matthew Yankowitz

Washington Research Foundation Innovation Assistant Professor in Clean Energy and Materials Science & Engineering, Physics

Shuai Zhang

Research Assistant Professor
Materials Science & Engineering