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Education & Training Fellowship

Program Details

Part of the Clean Energy Institute’s mission is to create future innovators in clean energy by expanding the STEM workforce, increasing research capacity, and improving public understanding of clean energy science.

The Clean Energy Institute Education and Training Fellow (ETF) works closely with the CEI Education Director to respond to public requests for outreach visits, arrange logistics, recruit and mentor volunteers from the CEI students, drive volunteers and attend events. The ETF also helps to develop outreach activities, displays, K-12 curriculum, and undergraduate course materials distributed by the CEI. ETF fellows author and distribute an educators newsletter once per quarter. This position is ideal for graduate students who are interested in careers such as teaching, outreach, learning resource development, and students wishing to build a portfolio of broader impact accomplishments and skills with communicating science to public.

The time commitment for this position is 20 hours per week. Work schedule is flexible, though attendance at specific events during and outside of business hours and weekends is expected. Certification for UCAR driving is required. Applicants should consider significant time constraints such as preparing for general exams or thesis which would interfere with the ETF duties.

Interested students from a CEI-related field or with science and engineering education backgrounds, are encouraged to prepare a CV, statement of interest, and reference letters. We recommend selecting a referee who is familiar with your educational outreach and experience with curriculum development and communicating science to the public.

Applications for 2019-2020 are now closed.

2019-20 Education & Training Fellow

Richard Lee

Previous Fellows

2018-19: Erin Jedlicka

2017-18: Brittany Bishop, Nick Montoni

2016-17: Gabriella Tosado, Katie Corp