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Mitchell Kaiser

My research will focus on self-assembly of organically cross-linked structures of 2D materials for clean energy applications. The 2D semi-conducting and quantum materials have well-defined atomic structure and architecture. Integrating 2D materials with functional organic molecules into well-controlled molecular to nano-scale architectures will lead to novel and synergistic properties and functions. Monolayer or few layer MoS2 will be prepared through mechanical and chemical exfoliation. Organic molecules will be self-assembled on the nanoflakes and cross-linked into layered structures. The unique band structures, limited electrons, and incomplete band bending of such materials will be exploited to realize unique catalytic, transport, and storage properties. In-situ STM, novel quantum capacitance measurements, and in-situ surface plasmon resonance techniques will characterize the nucleation and growth kinetics, band gap structure and density of states, and the electrochemical properties on single nanocomponent levels. The potential applications for energy storage, H2 generation and storage will be explored.

Advisor: Jun Liu – Materials Science & Engineering