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Energy Lab Course

Energy Materials, Devices, and Systems

CEI member faculty created an interdisciplinary lab, the Research Training Testbed, and a hands-on course housed there, “Energy Materials, Devices, and Systems,” to train students across the scales of clean energy. Upper-division undergraduates and graduate students get project-based training on materials for energy generation and storage, and the integration of renewables into energy systems.

Projects and Techniques

  • Nanoparticle synthesis and characterization (CdSe quantum dots)
  • Solar photochemistry – hydrogen fuel production
  • Batteries – fabrication and testing of Li-ion coin cell with carbon electrodes
  • Photovoltaics – third generation solar cell fabrication and characterization (organic-PVs and perovskites)
  • Semiconductor properties – 2D material fabrication and testing
  • Grid simulation