Leadership & Staff

Daniel T. Schwartz

Director, Clean Energy Institute
Boeing-Sutter Professor of Chemical Engineering

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CEI-related research interests: Performance of complex electrodes used in energy storage and conversion

David S. Ginger

Chief Scientist, Clean Energy Institute
Alvin L. and Verla R. Kwiram Endowed Professor of Chemistry
Washington Research Foundation Distinguished Scholar

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CEI-related research interests: Physical chemistry of conjugated polymers and nanostructured materials with applications in optoelectronics – especially thin film solar cells – and sensing

J. Devin MacKenzie

Technical Director, Washington Clean Energy Testbeds
Washington Research Foundation Associate Professor of Clean Energy, Materials Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

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CEI-related research interests: electronic materials, including organic semiconductors, nanomaterials, photovoltaics, thin film batteries and printed and flexible electronics.

Amanda McCracken

Collaboration Core Administrator
alm1029@uw.edu | 206-221-5095

Hilary Bullis

CEI Program Manager
habullis@uw.edu | 206-221-9263

Michael B. Pomfret, Ph.D.

Managing Director, Washington Clean Energy Testbeds
mpomfret@uw.edu | 206-685-6833

Suzanne Offen

Associate Director of Communications & External Relations
soffen@uw.edu | 206-685-6410

Shaun Taylor

Director of Education
sntaylor@uw.edu | 206-685-2029

Corin Shelley-Reuss

Events & Communications Coordinator
corinsr@uw.edu | 206-221-7145

Kristine Parra

Staff Scientist – Washington Clean Energy Testbeds
kpoparra@uw.edu | 206-221-3334

Owen Freed

Communications Assistant
ofreed1@uw.edu | 206-221-6249