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Clean Energy Ambassadors

Program Details

CEI Clean Energy Ambassadors are UW graduate and undergraduate students in STEM fields who lead students in hands-on activities at K-12 schools around Washington state and present at community and school events such as UW Engineering Discovery Days and local STEM Fairs. Ambassadors hone their skills at communicating science to the public and gain first-hand experience with programs that support broader impacts. Ambassador activities include Solar Car Races, a Meet a Scientist presentation, or any of our Lessons including hands-on workshops on Mini Solar Panels or Solar Spinners.

A young man with a black t-shirt and a yellow nametag sits at a table with a young student. The two are working together to assemble a small solar spinner from a petri dish.
Clean Energy Ambassador Evan Jahrman, a Ph.D. student in physics, helps a student at Lynnwood, WA's Hilltop Elementary assemble a solar spinner.

UW Students

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Meet a Clean Energy Researcher

, Clean Energy Ambassadors

Vicente Arroyos
2023-24 CEI Graduate Fellow
Computer Science & Engineering

I’m Vicente Arroyos, a CEI Graduate Fellow and Ph.D. candidate at the University of Washington Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering. Beyond the lab coat and research papers, I’m a dedicated advocate for humanizing scientists, sparking enthusiasm for science in young minds, and expanding awareness of STEM academic and career opportunities.

My research in the realm of microrobotics focuses on creating autonomous, battery-free microrobots with applications ranging from environmental monitoring to agricultural optimization. Imagine tiny, intelligent machines that can navigate confined spaces, perform environmental inspections, and contribute to sustainable practices in industries. My journey began during my undergraduate studies in Electrical Engineering, where I delved into interdisciplinary research on bi-stable origami robotics. This paved the way for my Ph.D. pursuits, where I overcame technical challenges to develop groundbreaking micro-robotic systems featured in renowned publications and conferences.

My academic path reflects a commitment to innovation and a desire to bridge the gap in STEM education. As a first-generation college student and former migrant farm worker, my personal experiences drive my dedication to diversity and inclusion in STEM. Beyond academia, I co-founded AVELA: A Vision for Engineering Literacy and Access, a nonprofit fostering STEM education in underserved communities and schools. Looking forward, my career paths extend from academia to entrepreneurship, envisioning roles as a professor, mentor, and entrepreneur dedicated to creating impactful solutions for global challenges.