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Sign Up for a Clean Energy Ambassador Visit

Are you interested in inviting a clean energy scientist to visit your classroom in-person or virtually? Clean Energy Ambassadors are UW undergraduate and graduate STEM students who are trained to lead K-12 outreach activities in classrooms, public events, and virtual platforms. Ambassadors are prepared to present information about basic energy concepts, solar energy, energy storage, energy systems, and materials science, and to facilitate hands-on activities with students.

There is no charge for a visit to a school in Washington state, though our capacity for in-person outreach is limited. Please use this form to request a Clean Energy Ambassador visit or a field trip to the UW Clean Energy Institute.

Example Ambassador Activities

Meet a Clean Energy Researcher

UW graduate and undergraduate students share a short presentation (5 – 10 minutes) on their academic journey, current research, personal interests, and future job opportunities. This activity was designed to humanize scientists and expose students to higher education and STEM pathways, and is easily delivered virtually. We highly recommend leaving room for Q&A.

Pedal Power Generator

An engaging, hands-on activity for learners of all ages! Clean Energy Ambassadors can bring the Pedal Power Generator to STEM fairs or classrooms to allow students to feel the difference between energy-efficient lightbulbs and see energy transformation in action. The Pedal Power Generator can be used to teach many different energy concepts.

Solar Derby

One of our most popular activities is the solar derby where students can pick a solar-powered car, race it down a track, and identify variables that impact the speed of the car. This can be a great hook for the beginning of a unit on energy, solar energy, and engineering design.

, Sign Up for a Clean Energy Ambassador Visit
Clean Energy Ambassadors Antonio Vazquez, Helen Chen, Chaman Gupta, and Hareesh Iyer prepare the Pedal Power Generator for a middle school event.