Videos, Demos, and Guides

Explore a variety of educational products prepared by Clean Energy Institute Graduate Fellows. Learn more about the Product of Lasting Value.


How to make a perovskite video

Mark Ziffer from the Ginger Research Group made this video to explain their technique for making perovskite solar cells. Read more

How to make a coin cell

Carolina Vinado made a video to explain how to make a coin cell an important tool for battery research. Read more


How to make a coin cell electrode

Jarrod Olson produced a demo video on making silicon electrode materials. Read more

Physical Vapor Transport Video

Paul Nguyen demonstrates a method for depositing thin films on substrates.. Read more


X-ray Absorption Near Edge Spectroscopy is demonstrated  by Alex Ditter with a lab-scale apparatus developed at the Clean Energy Institute at the University of Washington. This can be used for study of battery charge and discharge through repeated cycles. Read more


EDX Video

Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy is demonstrated by Michael Crump.  EDX is used to determine the composition of a sample such as thin films. Not only can relative amounts of each atom be measured, but the distribution of the atoms in our samples can be mapped. Read more


Magnetron Sputtering Video

This video provides a brief overview of thin film deposition and specifically demonstrates the usage of an ATC Orion 5 UHV from AJA International, Inc. The narrator is Mark J. Miller of the Nanotech Lab at the University of Washington in Seattle. Read more

Surface Analyzer Video

Nick Schmidt shows the operation and theory of a surface analzyer using nitrogen physisorption.  This technique measures the surface area of materials such as carbon felt that could be used for flow batteries. Read more

Lithium Ion Battery Video

Yun Li prepared this video to serve as an introduction to battery research. Read more


Photonic Crystal Video

Peifing Jing prepared this video to serve as an introduction to engineering solar materials. Read more


Sustainabilty vs Development

Dustin Welch García explores the role of solar in sustainable development. Read more


Mathematics of Porous Materials

Andre Nicolae prepared a Powerpoint and video explain surface to volume ratios. Read more

Draw a Circuit Lesson Plan

Kyle Seyler wrote this lesson plan that lets you draw circuits with conductive graphite. Read more

Battery Demo

Dion Hubble and Francis Lin developed this simple battery demo and a sign. Students can make a battery with household chemicals. Read more

Electrochemical Chameleon

Katy Corp helped develop this activity in the Schlenker Lab. A 9v battery delivers power to electrolyze water containing red cabbage indicator. As the pH changes the colors change. Read more


Solar Integration Model

Jesus Contreras Ocana  developed this mathematical lesson based on his research. Go to the lesson

Semiconductor QD Display

Jenny Stein synthesized samples and designed a desktop display to show off her quantum dots. Read more

Staining Polymers for TEM Photos

Brett Courtright prepared photos showing his staining technique that reveals structures within polymers under the electron microscope.  Read more

Chemistry of Semiconductor Inks

Ben Glassy prepared this sign for outside the lab to show visitors what research is being done there. Read more


Electrical contacts to two dimensional semiconductors

Wenjin Zhao produced a poster explaining how to make electrical contacts to 2d materials. Wenjin Zhao-CEI poster


GISAXS for thin film polymer characterization wiki

Yuyin Ji produced a a wiki describing the GISAXS technique. Read wiki


Plasmonic Electric Effect

Steve Quillin developed a sign explaining his labs research. Read more


Solar Panel Worksheet

Lauren Kang developed a worksheet to use on classroom visits as student explore solar cell circuits. Solar Panel Worksheet

Strengthening STEM Through Diversity

Nick Montoni and Sara Vorpahl produced an event: Strengthening STEM through Diversity

Confocal Microscope Alignment

Clean Energy Fellow Maria Viitaniemi provides detailed instruction for aligning optics for a lab confocal microscope.

Self Cleaning Solar Panel

Di Sun at the University of Washington prepared this explanation of the self cleaning solar panel cover.

Thin Film Solar Engineering

Gabriella Tosado gives a video talk at the Sustainability Ambassadors on Thin Film Solar Engineering.

Mathematical Models for Battery Efficiency

Jerry Chen gives a video talk at the Sustainability Ambassadors on Mathematical Models for Battery Efficiency.

Diversity at CEI

Ting Zhao produced a timelapse video showing the Diversity at CEI.

Absorption and photoluminescence in CdSe nanocrystals

Kira Hughes produced this animation that is relevant to solar cell research Absorption and photoluminescence in CdSe nanocrystals.

Photoluminescence quantum yield (PLQY) of perovskites

Ryan Stoddard produced these high resolution images of Photoluminescence quantum yield (PLQY) of perovskites which will be used in the NanoES lobby display.

Nanometers to Kilometers

Daniel Olsen and Chase Dowling worked on a touchscreen display for the NanoES lobby including a Nanometers to Kilometers interactive.

Datacenter power management

YuanYuan Shi made a presentation about energy management in data centers.

Growing metallic and semiconductor crystals

Shua Sanchez shows how they grow metallic and semiconductor crystals.