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Student-Led Organizations

Students in Clean Energy

Students in Clean Energy (SCE) is a student-led organization that facilitates inclusive opportunities for UW students to meet with clean energy professionals, and improves access to resources that help students make career decisions and secure jobs.

Sign up for the listserv for meeting announcements and future events, and contact SCE on Facebook or follow SCE on Twitter (@UW_SCE).

SCE Charter

Mission Statement

Students in Clean Energy (SCE) is a student-led organization that facilitates inclusive opportunities for UW students to meet with clean energy professionals, and improves access to resources that help students make career decisions and secure jobs. SCE holds monthly brown bag lunch meetings with members of the local cleantech community, and organizes career talks over coffee with Clean Energy Institute (CEI) seminar speakers. SCE is a cross departmental community that involves and empowers all students, and engages with professionals across the cleantech sector, including policy, industrial R+D, and academia.


Our goal as an organization is to support the transition of students and postdocs from the academic setting into professional levels. We address this by improving the soft skills necessary for success in academia & industry, with a particular focus on networking. We also focus on educating our members about the diversity of jobs in cleantech so that more informed career decisions can be made.

Staple Events

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all SCE events will be held virtually through Fall 2020 and until further notice. Sign up for the SCE listserv for updates and Zoom links.

Energy Hour Lunches: Our Energy Hour Lunch series is a routine meeting with an invited speaker from the local cleantech community. Energy Hour Lunches are an opportunity to learn about different career paths, network, and learn about first-hand experiences in workplaces outside of a traditional academic setting.

Career Chat: Career Chats with CEI seminar speakers are an opportunity for SCE members to interact with leading cleantech researchers that work in traditional academic settings. Career Chat speakers commonly share stories and advice from their career paths. Career Chats are also an opportunity for students and postdocs who may be less likely to speak up during a seminar to connect with the CEI speakers in a smaller group setting and make better personal connections. SCE intentionally nominates seminar speakers from underrepresented groups in STEM, highlighting their work and providing accessible and diverse role models for students.

Past Speakers
  • Mikhaila Gonzales – SparkNorthwest
  • Carol Weis – Remote Energy
  • Tyler O’Farrell – Puget Sound Energy
  • Renee Gastineau, Becca Gillespie, & Kathryn Oseen-Senda – UniEnergy Technologies
  • Kristin Martinez, Jennifer Barnes, Gia Clark – OneEnergy Renewables
  • Alex Byrne- DNV GL
  • Jeanette Fiess – U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • Morgan Mielenz & Nitin Manchanda – Energy Hippo
  • Chloe Fabien – Modern Electron
  • Sarah Fredrick, Senior Research Scientist – EnerG2
  • Dawn Lehman – UW Professor
  • Eve Riskin – Associate Dean of Diversity and Access in the College of Engineering
  • Dirk Weiss – First Solar
  • Renee Gastineau – CEI
  • Prof. Christine Luscombe – University of Washington
  • Dr. Jessica Koehne – NASA Ames Research Center
  • Melanie Roberts – Former AAAS Fellow
  • Prof. Kameshwar Poolla – UC Berkeley
  • Stephanie Celt and Sameer Ranade – BlueGreen Alliance
  • Prof. Tom Meyer – UNC
  • Prof. Dan Steingart – Princeton
  • Prof. Michael McGehee – Stanford
  • Kristine Parra – University of Washington
  • Prof. Donna Nelson – University of Oklahoma
  • Prof. Malika Jeffries-El – Boston University
  • Prof. Jean-Luc Bredas – Georgia Tech
  • Takayuki Homma – Waseda University
  • Prof. Lynn Loo, Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment
  • Prof. Ian Dobson – Iowa State University
  • Dr. Jennifer Garbi – ARPA-E
  • Prof. Elsa Reichmanis – Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Prof. Brian Johnson – University of Washington
  • Vanessa Miler-Fels –  Microsoft.
  • Sarah Vorpahl – WA Department of Commerce
  • Prof. Neal Armstrong – University of Arizona
  • Prof. Tobais Hanrath – Cornell
  • Dr. Molly Shor – Keiretsu Forum
  • Prof. Quyen Nguyen – UC Santa Barbara
  • Prof. Dragan Maksimovic – University of Colorado Boulder
  • Prof. Vijay Vittal – University of Arizona
  • Noel Bakhtian – INL
Past Events
  • DICE & WCS Professional Development Workshops
  • Professional Development Series (4 parts) with Jen Barnes (OneEnergy Renewables) and Dr. Malin Young (PNNL)
  • Student Panel from the Institute for Science and Math Education (ISME) 3-4
  • Introduce a Girl to Photonics
  • Strengthening STEM through Diversity
  • DICE Networking Night


Lead Officer: Amy Mayhugh (

CEI Liaison: Samantha Phan (

Communications Lead: Liwen Xing (

Energy Hour Lead: Owen Johnson (

Career Chat Lead: Demi Liu (

Faculty Advisor

Prof. Christine Luscombe (

Global Renewables for Infrastructure Development

Global Renewables for Infrastructure Development (GRID) is a student-led organization focused on researching and improving the impact that renewable energy has on developing communities and disaster-stricken regions. Through small-scale solar technology projects, students have the opportunity to develop their technical expertise, understand the socioeconomic impact of technology integration, and establish best practices for launching international projects. By working alongside community partners, GRID members aim to share their knowledge in developing equitable energy solutions to empower under-served communities.


Lead Officer: George Fennell

Test Beds Team Lead: John Gannon

Social Impacts Team Lead: Florence Dou

Business Team Lead: Owen Johnson

Medium Publishing, Outreach & Equity Team Lead: Trent Dillon

Faculty Advisor

Prof. Lilo D. Pozzo (