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Science of Clean Energy

ceilogoWe are building a comprehensive, college level (building on the UW Photonicswiki) that presents the fundamental science, research methods, and late breaking findings of CEI researchers. The program helps our interdisciplinary team learn to talk across departmental boundaries and forge innovative collaborations.

Many of the following resources were developed by CEI Students as their “Product of Lasting Value“.

Science of Solar

Clean Energy Wiki

Sample  Clean Energy Wiki Pages

How a solar cell works

Lithium Ion Battery

Flow Battery


Smart Electrical Grid

Quantum dots



Clean Energy Explorer Flash Simulation

Energy for the Developing World

Solar Energy Grid Integration Model

Clean Energy Careers

CEI research training materials

How to make a coin cell battery

How to make an electrode for a coin cell battery

Magnetron Sputtering

Physical Vapor Transport

Surface Analyzer

Xray Absorption Near Edge Spectroscopy

Energy Dispersive Xray Spectroscopy

Staining (p-type) Polymers for TEM

How to make Perovskite Solar Cells

How to align a confocal microscope

Photo conducting atomic force microscope

 Automation of Current / voltage measurement