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Yanbo Qi

I am a rising third-year graduate student co-advised by Venkat Subramanian and Daniel Schwartz in the chemical engineering department. During my first two years at UW, I finished a preliminary project on the design of a single battery electrode. In that work, I investigated the effect of design parameters on the cell performance. A paper about the study has been written, and is in the process of publishing now. With the help of the CEI Fellowship, I am planning to take this study one step further. Instead of looking at a single electrode at the initial stage, I am planning to optimize the entire cell design during cycling. This is a significant improvement. No one has reported any design efforts based on cycling, and this makes much more sense practically. I will also utilize CEI’s testbeds for battery testing, and compare the experimental results with simulation predictions if time permits.

Advisor Daniel Schwartz -Chemical Engineering