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Christian Pederson

Christian Pederson

Simulating novel materials with the desired range of properties for efficient solar energy collection, or storage is computationally intractable with classical computers.  Quantum computers and simulators are the only known devices that can efficiently tackle these problems, yet are plagued by the experimental challenges of scaling up sensitive quantum systems.

I will investigate an integrated photonics platform based on point defects in diamond. Significant challenges remain, but integrated devices have a clear path to scalability since they build upon existing semiconductor fabrication methods. Recent work demonstrated that a particular defect, the silicon-vacancy(SiV) center, could be created nanometers from the surface of diamond without compromising its optical coherence. As part of a collaboration, I will be developing a process for fabricating high-quality GaP-on-diamond cavities coupled to these well-behaved SiV centers. If successful, we will have demonstrated the ability to reliably fabricate many working qubits on a single chip.

Advisors: Xiaodong Xu & Kai-Mei Fu – Physics