Research Training Testbed

Part of the Washington Clean Energy Testbeds system, the Research Training Testbed (RTT) provides UW students access to industrial-quality research tools and training in clean energy concepts that cut across academic disciplines. Located on the 1st floor of the Nanoengineering and Sciences Building, this facility provides an integrative training environment for upper-division undergraduates and graduate students to learn research techniques that span a wide breadth of clean energy challenges. The RTT hosts laboratory courses on the development of novel energy materials, fabrication and testing of energy devices, and the integration of cleantech into grid systems. A full list of instrumentation in the lab can be found here.

The lab is open to research groups as well as students interested in developing and testing their cleantech prototypes. The lab serves as an interdisciplinary space where students can realize their own energy-related innovations as well as collaborate with scientists and engineers in the clean energy community.

Contact Kristine Parra for more information on the course of access to the lab space.