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Trainee Advisory Representatives


CEI Trainee Advisory Representatives (TARs) serve as student representatives to collect information and present viewpoints on behalf of all the CEI trainees to the Trainee & Faculty Advisory Board. Their responsibilities include, but are not limited to, running a larger trainee advisory board that directly controls resource allocations benefitting trainees, conducting quarterly meetings for this board and bringing feedback to the TFAB, managing the General Fund Budget, and supporting the CEI Interdisciplinary Seminar nomination process and speaker hosting. The goal of this program is to enhance the trainee experience, to facilitate open communication between trainees and CEI staff and leadership, and to provide trainees a direct and formal path to help shape CEI priorities and spending.

Current TARs

Contact the TARs at

, Trainee Advisory Representatives

Emily Nishiwaki

2022-23 Graduate Fellow

, Trainee Advisory Representatives

Ethan Schwartz

2023-24 Graduate Fellow
Mechanical Engineering

Selection Criteria

Selection criteria for the Trainee Advisory Representatives include demonstrated engagement and commitment to the broader mission of CEI, and a vision for expanding programs to benefit both trainees and the broader community.  One current (new) CEI Graduate Fellow and one past Graduate Fellow or current Postdoc in a CEI lab group (1-2 years) are selected, and we strive to maintain a balanced representation among departments. Representatives serve for a minimum of 1 year (4 quarters) and a maximum of 2 years (8 quarters). Trainee Advisory Representatives will begin their term in Fall Quarter.


Applications for the Trainee Advisory Representatives are reviewed as they are received, with priority given to applications received by October 12, 2023. Prospective TARs should apply using this application form (access is restricted to UW users only).

TARs Monetary Request Form

The TARs Monetary Request (General Funds) form will be submitted to the CEI Trainee Advisory Representatives for review. Applicants will be informed of approval/denial by the TARs. Please reach out to with any questions. There are no deadlines for submission, and requests will be accepted on a rolling basis. Apply for TAR General Funding here.