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Videos & Additional Resources


Products of Lasting Value

Products of Lasting Value (PLV) are developed by UW doctoral students as part of their CEI Graduate Fellowship. This provides the fellows with experience in broader impact programs and products, and adds to our library of materials that CEI can share with the scientific community and the public. Video Products of Lasting Value include: technical briefings on graduate-level research, training videos about research equipment or techniques, and public awareness videos that provide context and background on topics such as the role of solar in the future energy economy; need and possibilities for various scales of energy storage; and integrating and distributing renewable energy with the power grid.

Lunch & Learns

Video Clean Energy Lunch & Learns were livestreamed for at-home learning during the COVID-19 pandemic and recorded for future access. During CEI Lunch & Learns, students ages 8-15 and their parents and teachers meet CEI scientists who are shaping the future of clean energy. Speakers present and demonstrate clean energy science, discuss their career paths, and take audience questions.

Lab Tours

Tour the labs of CEI faculty that are working on the next generation of clean energy technology.

Check out more clean energy videos on CEI’s YouTube channel!

Student Readings

External Resources