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CEI Visiting Professor Program

The University of Washington’s Clean Energy Institute (CEI) is seeking to host visiting professors from around the world to share their expertise and collaborate on research with faculty and students from UW CEI.

Visitors from other universities are invited to apply to participate if they have a unique skill set and demonstrated leadership in addressing topics in clean energy research. Applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis by CEI’s Trainee and Faculty Advisory Board (TFAB) and are subject to available funds. 

How to apply

To be considered for appointment as a CEI Distinguished Visiting Professor, an individual must be nominated by a UW CEI Faculty member. The nominee will then work with the nominating faculty member to develop a plan detailing how the visiting professorship will enable the nominee to advance research collaborations as well as provide educational opportunities for UW students.


Nomination package:

A successful nomination package will include the following items:

  • Detailed plan for the visit: The nominee should describe proposed activities that they plan to accomplish during the visit. It is expected that while in residence, a visiting professor will engage in activities to develop and/or strengthen research collaborations with one or more CEI faculty members and their research groups, present a lecture to the broader CEI community, and give one or more lectures to smaller groups within CEI. Nominees requesting larger awards to support a longer period of residency at UW are strongly encouraged to contribute to the teaching mission of the Institute by offering a course in their area of specialization.
  • Funding request: The level of funding awarded depends on the duration of the visit and associated costs. Please provide detailed estimated costs associated with travel to the Seattle area, accommodations while in residence at UW, and salary (if needed) or honorarium associated with proposed activities. Funding requests for supplies and TAs to support research and teaching activities will also be considered. For short visits, funding will typically be provided to reimburse all travel expenses; for longer visits, funding will typically be provided to reimburse only a portion of the travel expenses and living cost.
  • Curriculum vitae

Letter of nomination: Written by the UW CEI faculty member who will host the visit, the nomination letter should discuss why the individual meets the requirements for appointment as a CEI Visiting Professor as well as how the visit will enhance the education and research missions of the department.