Diversity in Clean Energy (DICE)

Diversity in Clean Energy (DICE) is a student-led organization focused on diversity and equal opportunity in clean tech. DICE facilitates connections between students and professionals in cleantech by holding brown bag lunch meetings with industry speakers once a month and by hosting career talks over coffee with Clean Energy Institute seminar speakers.

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Faculty Advisor

Prof. Christine Luscombe (luscombe@uw.edu)

Upcoming Events

  • 9/12 Brown Bag Lunch with former AAAS Fellow Melanie Roberts, MolES 115 12-1 pm
  • 9/28 Career Coffee Talk with Prof. Kameshwar Poolla of UC Berkeley. MolES 315, 10:30-11:30am
  • 9/28 STEM Diversity Organization Showcase.  MolES 115, 5-7pm
  • 10/3 Brown Bag Lunch with BlueGreen Alliance representatives Stephanie Celt and Sameer Ranade, MolES 115 12-1 pm
  • 10/10 DICE general membership meeting. MolES 115, 5-6pm
  • 10/12 Career Coffee Talk with Prof. Tom Meyer of UNC. MolES 315, 10:30-11:30am
  • 10/14 Introduce a Girl to Nanotech Fair. HUB, 1pm
  • 11/2 Career Coffee Talk with Prof. Dan Steingart of Princeton. MolES 315, 10:30-11:30am
  • 1/4 Career Coffee Talk with Prof. Michael McGehee of Stanford. MolES 315, 10:30-11:30am

Past Events

  • Professional Development Series (4 parts) with Jen Barnes (OneEnergy Renewables) and Dr. Malin Young (PNNL)
  • Student Panel from the Institute for Science and Math Education (ISME) 3-4
  • Introduce a Girl to Photonics
  • Strengthening STEM through Diversity

Past Invited Speakers

  • Mikhaila Gonzales – SparkNorthwest
  • Carol Weis – Remote Energy
  • Tyler O’Farrell – Puget Sound Energy
  • Renee Gastineau, Becca Gillespie, & Kathryn Oseen-Senda – UniEnergy Technologies
  • Kristin Martinez, Jennifer Barnes, Gia Clark – OneEnergy Renewables
  • Alex Byrne- DNV GL
  • Jeanette Fiess – U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • Morgan Mielenz & Nitin Manchanda – Energy Hippo
  • Chloe Fabien – Modern Electron
  • Sarah Fredrick, Senior Research Scientist – EnerG2
  • Dawn Lehman – UW Professor
  • Eve Riskin – Associate Dean of Diversity and Access in the College of Engineering
  • Dirk Weiss – First Solar
  • Renee Gastineau – CEI
  •  Prof. Christine Luscombe – UW
  • Dr. Jessica Koehne – NASA Ames Research Center