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Yury Dvorkin

Yury Dvorkin

Graduate Student, Electrical Engineering

Introducing Energy Storage’s Electrochemistry to Power System Dispatch Applications

Integration of unpredictable renewable generation reduces the control capabilities of power system operators to cost-efficiently mitigate related uncertainty. This project explores the effectiveness of battery energy storage as an affordable, reliable, and controllable resource to compensate for energy imbalances caused by renewable generation. In that regard, this project couples an electrochemistry model of the battery storage and a power system dispatch tool, which simultaneously enables minimizing the cost of the electricity supply and avoiding unnecessary operations and, thus, degradation of battery storages. This model is used to compare the payback of long-term capital investments in battery storages with different chemistries and to reduce the cost of large-scale integration of renewable generation. The findings of this project include the least cost selection of battery chemistries for different penetrations of wind and solar generation, or their combination.


Recent Publication

Y. Dvorkin, H. Pandzic, M. Ortega-Vazquez, D. Kirschen “A Hybrid Stochastic/Interval Approach to Transmission-Constrained Unit Commitment,” IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, early access, 2014.