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Yun Li

Yun Li

Compared to lithium-ion batteries, zinc-ion batteries would have an equally high energy density but with lower cost due to the abundance of zinc resources. Furthermore, due to zinc’s low reactivity with moisture, solid-state zinc-ion batteries can have less packaging, and work in open air, facilitating the production of flexible, slim, and wearable battery systems. Despite the promising advantages of zinc-ion batteries, few breakthroughs have been reported, allowing great opportunity for contribution. Our research of solid-state zinc-ion batteries will focus in three objectives. First, we will construct a comprehensive electrochemical database of zinc-ion batteries by using the solid-state battery configuration MnO2/PEO-ZnCl2/Zn. Then, based on our database, we will devote ourselves to search innovative solid poly-electrolytes with higher ionic conductivity for zinc-ions, with the help of Dr. Alex Jen’s group, who are experts in polymer research. Lastly, we are going to explore alternative cathode materials with more desirable electrochemical performance.

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Advisor: Jihui Yang, Materials Science and Engineering