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Ryan Elliott

Ryan Elliott

Large-scale power systems are rapidly being transformed by inverter-coupled renewable generation sources and energy storage devices. The high-voltage ac transmission infrastructure that forms the backbone of bulk power grids was built mostly without consideration of these emerging technologies. An increase in renewable energy penetration generally has the effect of displacing conventional synchronous generation. This trend is beneficial because it reduces emissions from fossil-fuels, but it also reduces the amount of inertia coupled to the system and contributes to weak dynamic voltages.

The focus of my research is two-fold:
1) studying the relationship between renewable energy penetration and bulk power grid stability, and
2) developing control schemes that ensure stable system performance irrespective of renewable penetration level.

Specifically, I specialize in developing real-time control schemes that utilize data collected from GPS-synchronized sensors distributed over large geographical areas to enhance the stability of the grid.

Advisor: Daniel Kirschen – Electrical Engineering