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Mengyu Yan

Mengyu Yan

Washington Research Foundation Innovation Postdoctoral Fellow in Clean Energy, Jihui Yang Research Group (Materials Science & Engineering)

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Mengyu Yan earned his Ph.D. in Materials Science and Technology from Wuhan University of Technology, China. Ion/charge transport across the solid-electrolyte and solid-solid interfaces widely exist in energy storage and conversion applications. The properties and structures of these interfaces have been intensively studied at macroscale. At nanoscale, that often dominate the performance/however, only limited work has been done, especially under operando conditions. The key challenge is that typically the signals from interfacial response in real devices and systems are contaminated by and/or buried under those from other constituents. The research on single nanowire devices will allow us to isolate the interfacial phenomena that have been plaguing the development of high density and high-efficiency energy devices. In addition, XRD and NMR measurements under operando conditions will reveal property and structural evolutions of battery materials under varies electrochemical states.