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Melicent Stossel

Melicent Stossel

Graduate Student, Mechanical Engineering

Stress Reduction in Rechargeable Thin Film Batteries by Laser Structuring

Researchers are constantly trying to improve battery technology by developing smaller and lighter batteries yet with a longer battery life. Most battery research focuses on electrochemical solutions, such as new and different materials and combinations. Additionally, efforts have begun to delve into thin film batteries as a solution to create thinner, higher capacity, solid state batteries. My research focuses on the mechanical interactions in thin film lithium ion batteries. The focus is to identify and circumvent failure mechanisms such as induced stress, crack development, and delamination in thin film electrodes during the charge and discharge cycle. By including mechanical analysis along with electrochemical optimization, the aim is to find alternative solutions to maximize battery life and capacity over time beyond a simply materials-oriented approach. It may be possible to design patterned or multilayer electrode films that can maximize battery capacity while minimizing mechanical stresses that lead to electrode failure. The ultimate goal is to improve battery performance.