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Mark Ziffer

Mark Ziffer

Solution processable semiconductors are a promising route towards low-cost systems for solar energy conversion. However, for many of the most promising materials of this class, the physical processes that govern photo-induced charge generation and collection are not fully understood.  My research involves studying the electro-optical properties of solution processed materials for thin-film photovoltaics, including semiconducting polymers and organic materials, and hybrid organic-inorganic perovskites. With specialized spectroscopic techniques we can uncover information about the excited electronic states of these materials. Ultimately, the results will help scientists and engineers further understand some of the basic photo-physical properties of these materials, which must be considered in order to design the most efficient photovoltaic and optoelectronic devices possible. This work addresses the UW CEI’s goal of advancing next generation solar energy materials, and is important for my professional goals towards becoming an academic or industrial research scientist in the field of renewable energy.

Product of lasting value:
Constructing a perovskite solar cell Video

Advisor: David Ginger, Chemistry