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Kaichen Xie

I plan to design and engineer novel two-dimensional quantum materials for future energy harvesting and conversion using computational and theoretical methods. I will continue current research on Janus 2D atomic layers. This work is based on our earlier computational discovery of a unique synthesis route of Janus transition metal dichalcogenides, which enables controlled growth and precise patterning of such Janus structures. In addition, our preliminary study shows strong light absorption and the intrinsic out-of-plane electric polarization of the Janus transition metal dichalcogenides. Based on this knowledge, I plan to explore new photovoltaic applications of these Janus systems, because photoelectrons and photoholes may spontaneously separate within a few nanometers. I will also study light-matter interactions in 2D magnetic nanomaterials. which can provide a theoretical basis for integrated magneto-optical devices and quantum memory applications.

Advisor: Ting Cao – Materials Science & Engineering