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Jiaqi Cai

One of the CEI missions is to develop next generation’s energy saving technologies. To date, the information processing is accompanied by inevitable energy dissipation in devices caused by impurity scattering. Very recently, a new phase of matter, named as magnetic topological insulator (MTI), emerged as a promising platform to develop dissipationless electronics, where carriers transmit along the edge of the devices without any energy loss. This dissipationless property is ensured by the topological nature which enables the edge conduction to be immune from bulk impurity scattering. What’s more, the interplay of magnetism and non-trivial topology in MTI makes the electronic state controllable, enabling the devices to function as field-effect transistors. I will fabricate and study transistor devices based on newly discovered 2D MTIs and explore their possibility for dissipationless topological electronics.

Advisor: Xiaodong Xu – Physics