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Evan Jahrman

Satisfying public demand for consumer electronics and electric vehicles requires extensive efforts to improve the capacity, charge rate, cycle life and safety of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. In recent years, attempts to meet these criteria have focused on optimizing the composition and nanomorphology of high-energy density cathode materials. As an x-ray spectroscopist, I am keenly aware of the role element specific techniques sensitive to an atom’s ligand environment and oxidation state can play, especially for in operando studies aimed at understanding aging effects. As a CEI Fellow, I would optimize and apply in-house x-ray spectroscopy, including CEI-XANES, to provide rapid feedback on cathode materials as part of a collaboration between industry, national lab (ANL) and the Seidler group at the UW. This project will lead to academic publications on methodology, materials, and implementation.

Advisor Gerald Seidler -Physics