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Erjin Zheng

My anticipated research will focus on developing new hole transport layer based on PEDOT derivatives for perovskite solar cells. PEDOT:PSS as a hole transport polymer offers the advantage of low temperature, solution processability compared to other inorganic carrier transport materials. However, PEDOT:PSS based perovskite solar cells suffer from low open circuit voltage (VOC) and low short-circuit current density (JSC) due to work function mismatch, low conductivity and strong acidity of PEDOT:PSS. In my research, I will synthesize PEDOT with different functional groups with a goal to adjust work function, increase conductivity, and reduce interface defects, and thus to increase VOC, JSC and fill factor of perovskite solar cells. I will gain knowledge and training in interdisciplinary areas such as organic, polymer and solid-state chemistries, and optoelectronic device physics. The accomplishment of this project would have a significant impact in the perovskite solar cell research and industrialization fields.

Advisor:  Qiuming Yu – Chemical Engineering