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Daniel Olsen

Daniel Olsen

My anticipated research will investigate methods to include externalities into unit commitment and infrastructure expansion problems. Primarily, the impact of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions pricing and coordination of scheduling between electricity and natural gas networks.

Integrating intermittent renewables introduces considerable uncertainty into grid operations, so the ability to provide flexibility from storage and gas-powered generation is increasingly important. Storage also enables better utilization of clean energy. The dynamics and constraints of gas networks must be accurately modeled to avoid shortages and make appropriate investments in infrastructure.

Effective GHG emissions reductions are necessary to blunt climate change, and require a wide range of actions: a shift toward cleaner thermal generators, operational practices to integrate wind and solar generation by ensuring adequate flexibility, and investments in transmission and storage to support these new operations. Additionally, GHG pricing may become necessary, and the impact of prices on operations and investment must be investigated.

Advisor Miguel Ortega-Vazquez -Electrical Engineering