Exploration Grant Program

This program supports the training of UW graduate and undergraduate students so that they might have the freedom to explore novel, high-risk/high-reward research topics.

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Graduate Fellowship Program

The CEI Fellowship Program is catalyzing growth in solar energy, storage, and grid systems research at the UW by expanding the pool of seed ideas and talent going into energy research.

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Diversity in Clean Energy

Diversity in Clean Energy (DICE) is a student-led alliance for diversity and equal opportunity in clean tech. The mission is to advance the role of women the clean energy research areas as well as in this growing industry as a whole and to promote equal representation. Learn more

Education & Training Fellowship

This RA position coordinates and conducts K-12 outreach programs and requests by educators.

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Travel Grant Program

This program provides young UW scientists conducting research in CEI-related areas with funds to attend and present their work at conferences.

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Other Activities & Funding

Opportunities to participate in research, obtain scholarships and fellowships, and participate in other activities at the UW and in the community.

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