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CEI Welcomes 2016 Graduate Fellows

, CEI Welcomes 2016 Graduate Fellows
CEI Welcomes 2016 Graduate Fellows

Congratulations to our 2016 cohort of graduate fellows. The CEI Graduate Fellowships program is competitive and represents an important investment in graduate student research. Selected students receive financial support in order to pursue a research project related to the development of new materials for solar energy, energy storage, or grid integration of renewable energy.

  • Jose Araujo (Daniel Gamelin, Chemistry)
  • Jesus Contreras Ocana (Miguel Ortega-Vazquez,  EE)
  • Kathryn Corp (Cody Schlenker, Chemistry)
  • Michael Enright (Brandi M. Cossairt, Chemistry)
  • Christian Erickson (Daniel Gamelin, Chemistry)
  • Ehsan Nasr Esfahani (Jiangyu Li,   Aerospace Engineering/Mechanical Engineering)
  • Lucas Flagg   (David Ginger,  Chemistr)
  • Danielle Henckel (Brandi Cossairt, Chemistr)
  • Dion Hubble (Alex K-Y. Jen, Molecular Engineering & Sciences)
  • Peifeng  Jing (Lih Y. Lin, EE)
  • Lauren  Kang (Christine Luscombe,  Chemistry)
  • Matthew Lim (Peter Pauzauskie, Materials Science and Engineering)
  • Andrei Nicolae (Vipin Kumar, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Jarred Olson (Cody Schlenker,   Chemistr)
  • Elena Pandres (Vincent Holmberg, ChemE)
  • Steven Quillin (David Masiello    Chemistry)
  • Pasqual Rivera (Xiaodong Xu, Physics)
  • David Sommer (Scott Dunham, Physic)
  • Jessica Tjalsma (Jihui Yang, Materials Science and Engineerin)
  • Ryan Valenza (Gerald Seidler, Physics)
  • Dustin Welch García (Sunila Kale, Jackson School of International Studies)
  • Yuyin Xi  (Lilo D. Pozzo, ChemE)
  • Bolun Xu  (Daniel Kirschen, EE)
  • Wenjin Zhao (David Cobden, Physics)