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CEI Graduate Fellow Earns MIT Pappalardo Fellowship in Physics

CEI graduate fellow Sanfeng Wu uses lasers to investigate the light-matter interactions of the 2D material.

A member of the Clean Energy Institute’s inaugural class of graduate fellows in 2014 has earned a prestigious fellowship from MIT. Sanfeng Wu, a Ph.D. candidate in physics working with faculty member Xiaodong Xu, has been appointed an MIT Pappalardo Fellow in Physics for 2016 – 2019.


“Sanfeng’s work has made broad impact in understanding and developing 2D quantum materials for new electronics and photonics,” said Xu. “The CEI fellowship supported him in pursuing energy efficient 2D materials and devices, such as the synthesis of 2D heterostructures and demonstration of monolayer nanocavity laser with ultralow threshold.”


Wu will complete his Ph.D. at UW this summer then move to Boston to start the fellowship in September 2016.  Wu’s research as a CEI graduate fellow helped develop the building blocks upon which the next generation of solar materials and energy storage devices could be created. (See “Atomic Legos” are Building Blocks for Next-Gen Energy Materials)


“These works, partly supported by CEI, are an important step toward developing new generations of ultrathin and flexible electronics and optoelectronics devices exploiting 2D materials,” Wu said. “My work in MIT will continue exploring along these directions, for both understanding the physics behind the designated 2D systems and expanding their potential use,” he said.


Student Sangfeng Wu describes exciting developments in 2D semiconductors

CEI Graduate Fellow Sanfeng Wu describes exciting developments in 2D semiconductors at the Seattle Chamber Regional Leadership Conference in 2014