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2016-2017 Student Training & Exploration Grants

CEI has selected six research projects for its 2016-2017 Student Training & Exploration Grants. The institute made roughly $200,000 in awards this year.

These grants support student education at the University of Washington by providing scholars the freedom to explore novel, high-risk/high-reward research topics. The projects seed new collaborations in research and education that increase the prospects for future support from federal funding agencies and other large-scale collaborative grants. More information on the Student Training & Exploration Grant Program is available here.


Awardee Project Title
Jiun-Haw Chu, Assistant Professor of Physics

  • Co-PI: David Ginger, Professor of Chemistry
  • Co-PI: Xiaodong Xu, Assistant Professor of Physics, Material Sciences & Engineering, and Electrical Engineering
Magnetotransport Studies of Charge Carriers in Single Crystalline Halide Perovskites
Vincent Holmberg, Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering

  • Co-PI: Cody Schlenker, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
  • Collaborator: Dr. Nigel Browning, PNNL
Engineering Interface Potentials in Ge-based Li-ion Batteries via Supercritical Fluid Chemistry and Advanced in Operando Probes
Jiangyu Li, Professor of Mechanical Engineering

  • Co-PI: Stuart Adler, Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering
  • Co-PI: Guozhong Cao, Professor of Materials Science & Engineering and Chemical Engineering
  • Co-PI: David Ginger, Professor of Chemistry
Correlating Microstructural Evolution with Device Performance of Perovskite Solar Cells via In-Operando Scanning Probing Microscopy
Devin MacKenzie, Professor of Materials Science & Engineering and Mechanical Engineering

  • Co-PI: Hugh Hillhouse, Professor of Chemical Engineering
Scalable Tandem Photovoltaics Enabled by a Novel Top-Contactless Hybrid Perovskite Cell Architecture Achievable with Self-Aligned Lithography-free Processing
Miguel Ortega-Vazquez, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering

  • Co-PI: Baosen Zhang, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering
Enabling Market Participation of Storages via Aggregation
Jim Pfaendtner, Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering

  • Co-PI: Venkat Subramanian, Professor of Chemical Engineering
Predictive Modeling to Integrate the Physics of Battery Electrolyte Materials with the Performance of Renewable Energy Grids
“Providing clean energy to the inhabitants of our planet is a major challenge to future generations. The University of Washington is to be congratulated for establishing an Institute where faculty and students can work together to tackle the difficult global challenge of energy sustainability.”
– Mildred Dresselhaus, Professor of Physics and Electrical Engineering, Emerita and Institute Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
“Energy competition is opening up in a variety of ways, the push for carbon control will continue, and the rate of technology advancement is exponential. All the things I’ve seen at the CEI are just perfect for the way we see things going in energy. You guys are at the cutting edge. We’re counting on you.”
– Ronald Litzinger, President, Edison Energy