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Theodore Cohen

Perovskite nanocrystals have attracted a large amount research interest due to their easily tunable properties and high defect tolerance. They are a target for solar applications in luminescent solar concentrators (LSCs) and low energy photonic devices such as optical resonators and fiber amplifiers. These applications require a robust method for suspending these nanocrystals in fluorinated polymers with high solubility and stability. Unfortunately, no such method has been developed to date. I will work with collaborators to develop 3D printable fluorinated resins and find novel methods to adjust the surface chemistry of perovskite nanocrystals so that they are soluble and stable in various fluorinated media. These methods are ideal for undoped and ytterbium doped perovskite nanocrystals to develop LSCs with ultra-high concentration factors and low threshold, high gain optical resonators and amplifiers. Such devices can increase the power generated by silicon solar cells and decrease the energy demand for telecommunications applications.

Advisor:  J. Devin MacKenzie — Molecular Engineering