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Ryan Beck

My current research work involves investigating the electronic and structural properties of nanodiamond systems including different dopants. I have investigated the effect various dopants, such as silicon or nitrogen, and defects, such as surface rearrangement, have on the vibrational, visible, and X-ray spectra for the purpose of characterizing the systems for use in various applications. I anticipate continuing to work with semiconducting systems with various dopants and defects. As an example I have begun to investigate, in addition to the nanodiamonds, other quantum dot systems such as lead chalcogenide with the Gruebele group where we are controlling introduced defects so as to offer greater synthetic design options and control, and on lead cesium chloride materials where I am investigating the electronic and geometric structures of quantum cutting defects. My research will focus on the investigation of electronic and geometric properties of nanomaterials for use in energy and sensing applications.

Advisor: Xiaosong Li – Chemistry