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Hongbin Liu

Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Perovskite (OHIP) has a very promising prospect in applications of solar energy conversion due to its ideal band-gap, high power conversion efficiency (PCE) and low production cost. However, the mechanism behind its high PCE is still a subject of debate. Among all important physical processes underlying the observed high PCE, the excitonic dynamics following photoexcitation is least well-understood, and is also of great theoretical and experimental challenges because of its nonequilibrium and ultrafast nature. I propose to develop and apply quantum electronic dynamic methods to probe the structure-function relationships that give rise to the efficient excitonic processes in OHIP systems. My research will utilize experimentally synthesizable and measurable OHIP materials, and focus on illustrating how materials structure and composition modulate the excitonic dynamics. The results and knowledge gained from this research will facilitate optimizations of OHIP for higher PCE and structure stability.

Advisor Xiaosong Li- Chemistry