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Breena Sperry

During the 2018 academic year, I will be continuing research with Dr. Luscombe in collaboration with Dr. Hillhouse on the synthesis and solution processing of optoelectronic nanocrystals for thin film photovoltaic applications. We are currently focusing on earth-abundant and environmentally friendly chalcogenide materials. Ongoing work includes CZTSSe, where we will be studying how the bonding and molecular weight of ligands that cap CZTS nanocrystals can facilitate grain growth and influence carbon content in films during a high-temperature selenization step. Additional work is on AgBiS2, where we will investigate alternative sulfur sources for the nanocrystal synthesis that bypasses additional ligand exchange steps and will utilize non-toxic and non-hazardous materials. Outside of scientific research, I will also be continuing to work with the CEI Global Impact Program to establish an initiative that assists UW students with engaging with the end applications of their research through coursework, workshops, and internships.

Advisor: Christine Luscombe- Material Science & Engineering