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2015 Student Training and Exploration Grants Awards

, 2015 Student Training and Exploration Grants Awards

The CEI has awarded seven new Student Training and Exploration projects.

These grants support graduate and undergraduate student education at the University of Washington by providing scholars the freedom to explore novel, high-risk/high-reward research topics while seeding new collaborations in research and education that raise the profile of CEI in ways that significantly increase the prospects for future extramural support.  More info on the ST&G program

Awardee Project Title
Kai-Mei Fu Far-field super-resolution optical imaging of semiconductor heterostructures for clean-energy materials development
Peter Pauzauskie Plasma synthesis of diamond nanocrystals for solar nitrogen fixation
Baosen Zhang Improving Power System Stability via Power Electronic Interfaces of Renewable Resources
Miguel Ortega-Vazquez Bridging the Gap between Battery Economics and Chemistry
Xiaosong Li Exploring Data-Enabled Energy Research
Devin MacKenzie Feasibility of novel ultra high energy density printed Al/Air batteries with nanocatalyst cathode collectors
Gerald Seidler WA State Battery Research Synergies