• CEI Awards and Testbed Celebration
    On June 15th about 100 CEI members and supporters gathered at the Bowman Building the site of the new Scale-up and Characterization Testbed facilities to celebrate the accomplishments of the year. Speakers used a solar powered podium provided by Seattle…Read more ›
  • A Tiny Tool with Great Potential
    CEI Grad Fellows Esfahani, Eshghinejad, CEI Faculty Adler and Li, and collaborators describe a new nanoscale probe that could produce big improvements in batteries and fuels cells.Read more ›
  • CEI researchers illuminate ways to heal defects in solar cells
    In a paper out this week in Nature Communications, CEI Associate Director David Ginger, CEI Fellow Dane deQuilettes, and their collaborators show that light exposure can help heal defects in certain types of solar cells. How? It’s all about the ions.Read more ›


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