Frequently Asked Questions

May I apply if I have already received a CEI Graduate Fellowship or CEI Recruiting Fellowship in the past?

Previous Clean Energy are not eligible to apply again for the fellowship, though they are always welcome to participate in any of CEI’s activities, outreach efforts, or events. We hope that all Fellows will continue to be involved throughout their time at the UW.

However, previous CEI Recruiting Fellows are eligible to apply for the fellowship;.

Will my advisor be contacted during the application process?

Yes, your advisor will be contacted as a referee. If you do not want your advisor contacted, please contact us at

Do I have to send my referees a reminder through the online application system?

No. If you leave your referees’ email address fields blank in the online application, the system will not send a reminder to your referees.  You are responsible for asking them to send their reference letters through our online form.

May I have my referees send my reference letters before I submit my application?

Yes, please ask referees to submit their reference letters, in PDF format, to our online form. Please ask they include your last name and their own last last in the name of the file.
Submit a reference letter here.

May I apply for/accept the fellowship if I have other internal/external fellowships or special funding?

You are welcome to apply for a fellowship no matter what your current funding source is.

However, you may not accept CEI funding and continue receiving other internal/external stipends or salary payments (e.g., NSF Graduate Research Fellowship). CEI awardees must defer or decline other salaries and stipends for the period of the award OR decline the funding associated with the fellowship (fellowships cannot be deferred).  Awardees who decline CEI funding may still accept the title of Graduate Fellow and will receive all the associated benefits and honors of the fellowship.