Exploration Grant Application


PIs should complete the application below, uploading a single PDF proposal with 1” margins in 12 point Times New Roman, Arial, Helvetica, or Calibri font that includes:

(i) cover page (one page)

The cover page must include: (i) project title; (ii) total budget request, (iii) PI names and contact information

(ii) project description (one page) and references (one page)

Project description: The main project description should be no longer than 1 page of figures and text, plus one additional page of references, (allowed fonts are: 12 point Times New Roman, Arial, Helvetica, or Calibri, and 1” margins).

The description must answer the following questions explicitly: (i) How will this project help catalyze new collaborative external funding at the UW? (applicants should identify upcoming program solicitations this research will enable a team to be more competitive for, as well as a timetable for applying) (ii) How does this funding go beyond the coPIs’ current individual funding to create a stronger team effort and benefit UW beyond the coPIs’ groups?

(iii) budget justification (one page)

Provide a justification of the expenses requested in the application form. (Do not include tuition.)

(iv) current & pending support

A list of current and pending support for the PI(s).

(v) CVs (two pages each)

CV(s) of the PI(s) must be included and should not exceed two pages each.

Deadline: Proposals will be considered on an ongoing basis, but those received by Sept 1, 2016 will receive priority consideration.


Submitting PI Information


Proposal Team



Final fringe rates for FY18 are included for your convenience in the dropdown menu. Do not include overhead.

Title of Proposal

Total Budget

Budget Category
Brief Description


Please attach proposal that includes the required sections listed above (pdf only; 2MB limit):