Zhaoxia Qian

Washington Research Foundation Innovation Postdoctoral Fellow in Clean Energy, 2015 – 2017


Zhaoxia Qian earned her Ph.D. in Chemistry, from the University of Pennsylvania. Her research interests include the controlled assembly of metal nanoparticles with enhanced optical properties; developed a novel method to synthesize a large library of nanoparticles. During her WRF Innovation Fellowship she worked with Prof. David Ginger and David Masiello on on plasmonic nanomaterials and connecting solar energy to chemical energy; specifically splitting water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen gas to eventually replace fossil fuels in applications such as automobiles and electricity generation.

“Providing clean energy to the inhabitants of our planet is a major challenge to future generations. The University of Washington is to be congratulated for establishing an Institute where faculty and students can work together to tackle the difficult global challenge of energy sustainability.”
– Mildred Dresselhaus, Professor of Physics and Electrical Engineering, Emerita and Institute Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
“Energy competition is opening up in a variety of ways, the push for carbon control will continue, and the rate of technology advancement is exponential. All the things I’ve seen at the CEI are just perfect for the way we see things going in energy. You guys are at the cutting edge. We’re counting on you.”
– Ronald Litzinger, President, Edison Energy