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Sun Dawg Solar Car Bags

This solar lesson is aimed at the elementary school classroom.  The Sun Dawg Bag contains 2 mini solar cars (1″), and activity cards for conducting a solar race, testing color filters, reflectors and sun angle on the cars. The bags are given to teachers at CEI outreach events.

LanLan Solar Car - World's Smallest Solar Powered Car - Educational Solar Powered Toy

Build Your SunDawg Bag:

  1. Print out the lesson cards Mini Solar Cars and Lessons
  2. Download the Teacher Guide for SunDawg Bag Lessons
  3. Mini Solar Cars – 2 cars for $2.20 from Amazon
  4. Color Filters  – $17.99 from Amazon
  5. Reflector or use Aluminum Foil – $9.82 from Amazon
  6. Print Out REFLECTORS Plan

You may also order or assemble a Solar Energy Exploration Kit which includes electric meter, solar cells, motor and clip leads.

Request a SunDawg Bag:

Washington teachers can get a single free SunDawg bag by signing up here.