Instrumentation for Clean Energy Research

The following facilities have instrumentation and resources relevant to clean energy research, and are open to trained users inside and outside the University of Washington.

Not sure which facility you need for your clean energy research?  Contact the Clean Energy Institute and we will connect you with the facility that will meet your needs.

Washington Clean Energy Testbeds

Provides internal and external users customized training, consultation, and instrumentation for clean energy technology fabrication, characterization, and systems integration. Specific capabilities include advanced manufacturing printing and coating; films and fluids characterization; metrology, material compositional and structural analysis; solar device testing; and battery device testing.

Location: 4625 Union Bay Place NE
Access: Via WCET/Coral
Contact: Mike Pomfret

Photonics Research Center

Provides internal and external users access to instruments for fabrication, materials characterization, and device testing to facilitate research and development of organic electronic and optoelectronic devices such as thin-film transistors, energy efficient light-emitting diodes, and solar cells.

Location: UW campus, Bagley Hall
Access: Via UW Chemistry

Molecular Analysis Facility

A facility run by the Molecular Engineering & Sciences Institute that provides tools for microscopy (SEM, TEM, AFM, Profilometer, Raman, Confocal, Dual Beam FIB/SEM), spectroscopy (Raman, XRD, Ellipsometer, X-ray absorption/XANES) and surface analysis (ESCA/XPS (imaging), UPS, TOF SIMS, GDOES, SFG Spectrometer).

Location: UW campus, Molecular Engineering & Sciences Building
Access: Via MAF/Coral

Washington Nanofabrication Facility

A full service micro and nanotechnology user facility and is the largest public access fabrication center with 15,000sf of laboratories, cleanrooms, and user spaces focused on enabling basic and applied research, advanced research and development, and prototype production.

Location: UW campus, Fluke Hall
Access: Via WNF/Coral

Research Training Testbed

The Research Training Testbed provides equipment and training to accelerate the fabrication and testing of energy materials, devices and systems, including solar cells, coin cell batteries, photocatalysts, colloidal nanoparticles and quantum dots, and 2D and 3D semiconductors and devices. This facility is available both to students and researchers.

Location: UW campus, NanoEngineering & Sciences Building
Access: Via UW Clean Energy Institute
Contact: Mike Pomfret, Kristine Parra

High Performance Computing

Thirteen CPU nodes on the UW supercomputer Hyak/Mox are available for students and faculty working on research projects aligned with the CEI mission. Users are responsible for obtaining their own training. Students can receive training from the Research Computing Club, and faculty can receive training from UW IT.  For more information on how to use Hyak, please refer to the Hyak wiki. To access this resource, email a short description of your project to Sarah Alamdari and Jim Pfaendtner.

Location: UW Tower Data Center
Access: Via UW Clean Energy Institute
Contact: Sarah AlamdariJim Pfaendtner