Sun Dawg Solar Car Bags

The Sun Dawg bag contains two cars, 6 lesson plan cards, filters and reflectors.

This solar lesson is aimed at the elementary school classroom.  The Sun Dawg Bag contains 2 mini solar cars (1″), and activity cards for conducting a solar race, testing color filters, reflectors and sun angle on the cars. The bags are given to teachers at CEI outreach events.

LanLan Solar Car - World's Smallest Solar Powered Car - Educational Solar Powered Toy

Build your SunDawg Bag:

  1. print out the lesson cards Mini Solar Cars and Lessons
  2. download the Teacher Guide for SunDawg Bag Lessons
  3. mini solar cars at amazon
  4. color filters 
  5. reflector or use aluminum foil
  6. print out REFLECTORS plan

You may also order or assemble a Solar Energy Exploration Kit which includes electric meter, solar cells, motor and clip leads.

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